Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The retired travellers

Lynn Dosch is a retired educator. Dave Dosch is a retired engineer. We both love to travel. In fact except for brief stops at home for clean laundry, collecting the mail and paying the bills, Dave would prefer to be on the go exploring someplace new or attending his favorite sport.

We recently moved to Madison Wisconsin so Dave could be smack in the middle of all the Badger sports. He is a rabid Badger fan and of course a Packer fan. Lynn is nearer her Appleton family now, making it easier to spend time with her Mom and brothers now.

People think it strange that we "retired" to Madison from Rochester MN. After all, it's cold and snowy there too with long winters. But we have a plan - we travel a lot.

Our next adventure has us traveling to Beziers France where we have rented an apartment for the months of April and May. Lynn has always dreamed of spending annual extended time in France as part of her retirement plans, so this is our trial run. Our friends have asked us to keep them posted on our travel experiences there and thus the genesis of this blog.

We leave March 29, returning June 8. So watch this spot for posts highlighting our adventures.

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