Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015 - Chores and changes

Today we said a sad farewell to Katie, Randy and Evie, then spent the day doing chores that had accumulated after 10 days in the house.

Jeri brought us clean sheets - IRONED - can you believe it? She actually enjoys ironing and what a luxury. We took photos of the blue guest room and bath today to add to the house tour. It's the room Janis and Clark are staying in.

We cleaned baths and floors, did some scrubbing in the kitchen and did laundry, which we were able to hang out. It threatened rain at times today with dark scattered clouds, but never actually did rain, so the clothes dried and we were able to have aperos in the garden in the sun.  No photos of laundry and chores.

Dave and Clark had a very successful run into the market at Sarlat (don't pronounce the -t) where they managed to order 2.5 kg of Lucques olives from the olive lady to be picked up at next Wednesday's market. All is right with the world. They negotiated with the cheese and seafood vendors and were able to bring some yummy looking stuff home from each.

Although, it was a bit of an adventure for Janis and I as the seafood vendor only had half the shrimp we needed for our dinner. So the boys pointed to something shrimp looking and bought langoustines from Madagascar. Langoustines are like little teeny-weeny lobsters with spiny shells. These have to be cooked in order to be peeled, so can't be prepared like the shrimp. So we came up with the brilliant and delicious idea to serve them cooked and marinated in lemon and spices on our salad. Yum.

Our next friends arrived mid-aperos. Barb and Dale drove from Bordeaux in the afternoon and are now ensconced in the Chambre Gold, which is sparkly clean now.

A walk around the neighborhood after dinner, ending with melon and raspberry sorbet and walnut aperitif finished out the day and our energy.

local farmer heading home - this is how wide our neighborhood streets are

our beloved Dordogne river

lovely sunset light

Bezenac's church

Yes, we do have a castle in the neighborhood

Oh, and in case you're wondering, here's the wine bottle progress: 

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