Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Saturday, April 25 - Clark's birthday and a hike around Millandes

Saturdays are cleaning days, but today is also Clark's birthday. Clark has chosen to sleep in, have fried eggs for breakfast, and hang out at home in our garden. Turning 50 is hard work.

After chores and after lunch, Dave, Judy and Janis head out on a hike.
Chateau de Millandes - a long way away
Janis heading into the woods

The countryside on the walk

This trek took them 8 miles in a circle beginning and ending at les Millandes. They traveled through woods

and fields
Janis and Judy

These little stone huts called "bories" dot the countryside. They were used as shelters by shepherds.

through a small hamlet

and along farm land

And they didn't even get lost.
Judy and Dave check the map
It was really late when the three got back (8 pm) but Lynn had made shepherd's pie.  As it was Clark's birthday, we of course had to have a birthday cake. Janis had bought this cake, called "le Soleil" at our local bakery, Lucco's. It is a sponge with some sort of raspberry cream in the middle and meringue all around. Clark even shared his cake with us. Thank you, Clark.
We wouldn't want to light the kitchen on fire, so we only allowed Clark a single candle.
Happy Birthday, old man. 

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