Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monday April 10 - Living the Country Life

We're settling in and figuring things out. Dave collects our bread and croissants by 8:30 so we can have breakfast. (It's just not breakfast without croissants.) So after a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, we get organized to go to market. Doué-La Fontaine is our choice for market town today, so off we head to this town that is renowned for its roses, although it's too early for them yet. It's about 15 km (10 miles) away from here. This area is farmland and vineyards, flat, fertile land with lots of rivers in the area.
Plane trees on the way to Doué-La Fontaine

Parking is impossible so Dave drops us and finds a place and we make our way through the stalls with clothes, scarves and toys to the food stalls.
Market in Doué-La Fontaine
This market is about the size of ones in Thézan-les-Béziers (from 2011 trip). There are 3 vendors of fruits and vegetables, a couple of cheese vendors, an olive vendor, a fish monger, and a mobile meat market. We fill 3 re-usable shopping bags with fruits and vegetables to a cost of 18 Euros (about $20), buy some shrimp, cheeses, olives, and sausages. We're ready for aperos and for Tuesday dinner. 

Tonight we'll have  a risotto and salad after aperos. We're expecting Ben and Emily Hunsinger, Janis and Clark's son and daughter-in-law. They flew into Paris and are driving down in a rental car.  But on our way home, we have to visit the Brissac grocery store, Le Clerc. We need a few things for the risotto and some paper products. 

When Nathalie, our hostess, stopped by after lunch to answer some questions for us, Janis asked her about buying eggs from our neighbor and she told us yes, by all means - fresh eggs, cheaper than the store (and just across the road - couldn't get more local.) We put it on the list of tasks to do soon.

Brissac church
Ben and Emily arrived around 3 pm with no problems finding us. After a quick walk around Brissac, they returned for aperos which we had inside because it's become too chilly outside. 
Château de Brissac

        A leisurely dinner and an early night for Ben and Emily who are recovering from jet lag.
Dinner - Ben, Emily, Janis

One issue the boys are working on is figuring out how to display our empty wine bottles. For those who followed our Dordogne adventures, we kept all our wine bottles and put them on the mantel of our fireplace - The fireplaces here don't have mantles, so at the moment, the bottles are being stored outside in the window sills. Not a long term solution, but a start.
the beginning our our wine bottle collection - more whites and rosés than usual.

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