Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday April 18: Moutard, Non! Colza, Oui!

This part of France is generally flat, fertile land, “the garden of France” and as such supplies much of the produce consumed. 

It’s lovely driving past vineyards followed by fields of green grasses – the first cutting of hay has already been completed – and then by fields of vibrant yellow plants.

Moutard, we guessed, mustard. But it’s everywhere. An up-close-and-personal photo helps us google the plant: Colza (known in the US as rapeseed). 
Ben, Emily and Janis next to our local field

When the seeds are pressed, the result is canola oil. It turns out that rapeseed/Colza is a relative of mustard, so we feel partly vindicated. But the amount of it grown is a big clue that it really can’t be mustard.

At any rate, we are really enjoying these beautifully flowering fields wherever we drive and in our own backyard too.
This is a path near our house, leading toward Brissac

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