Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday April 17 - For my stitching friends - Villandry's attic

The tour of Villandry’s rooms finishes in an attic space where you can see the structure supporting the roof. In this space was an exhibit of silk embroideries and quilted embroidered pieces. If I understand the labels on these, they were all done by the same woman, Brigitte Chappaz. The pieces are breath-takingly stunning. The detail is spectacular. Several of the pieces reflect scenes of Villandry and others are simply imaginative pieces. All of these pieces are embroidered on antique silk generally with silk threads. I wish the photos could do them justice, but they were behind glass and difficult to capture. 

Spring at Villandry. Silk threads on silk background. 

Detail of the bush in the white boxes on left of picture.

Detail of Spring at Villandry. These are all stitches.

Detail of work below. Embroidered in Jap gold.

Detail of picture below. Silk threads and Jap gold

Detail of flower to left of rooster. Jap gold

I wish you could have been with me to see these lovely pieces. 

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