Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday April 8 - We've arrived!!

Dave and Lynn's United flight out of Chicago managed to do everything on time and not lose our luggage. Good service, but horribly awful seats. You could buy legroom starting at $159 one large billboard said as we navigated to our date. Arm room apparently you can't buy. And of course, every seat was full.

Janis and Clark, not so much. Their flight was delayed a couple of times and once arrived in Paris, they had to sit on the tarmac for 45 minutes waiting for a gate. But miraculously, we all met up at Terminal One of Charles DeGaulle (CDG) airport by noon and shortly thereafter, Dave arrived with the leased Peugeot to pick us all up. We were on the road out of town by 1 and we were finally out of town (that being Paris) by 2. A quick stop for diesel and lunch (surprisingly good salads for a place without a real restaurant), and we were at our new digs by 5:15 pm.

Nathalie met us at the door and showed us our lovely new house. (Photos when we've recovered a bit.) She gave us keys and directions to find a grocery store and suggested Brissac (2 km away) for dinner. But Dave had his eye on buying groceries at a local LeClerc - a huge Costco type store that has aisles and aisles of wine - 6 bottles were the damages tonight. 

Brissac is a beautiful town set on a hill with, of course, a château.
Château de Brissac in background and on the right, the Creperie where we had dinner. We'll be back...

We walked the central street looking for a restaurant and finally stuck our heads inside a lovely old bar and asked for a suggestion. We were pointed toward the creperie down the hill.
Janis & Clark, and Lynn Brissac

Bar - Snack- Laurette where we asked for restaurant recommendation

Janis and I had a salad that included shrimp, duck breast, tomatoes, mango topped with a spicy vinaigrette. Yumm.

On arrival, there was no one inside, but the place was open. Within 20 minutes, the tables started to fill. DUH. We're in France. 7 PM is early for dinner.  At any rate, we had a lovely dinner as you can see by the photos.
two happy campers....yes, there was wine involved.

Home, hook up to wi-fi, unpack enough to go to bed and now finish this blog post and hit the hay. We're all a bit fried from 33 hours of travel with only a few hours sleep. We have eggs, a promise from Dave of croissants despite the 2 km car ride needed to get to the bakery in Brissac to collect them, and we have COFFEE! (and wine, did I mention the wine?)

Life is good and we're in France. Stress is melting away. 

(PS pardon the faded look of the photos, it was dusk and we were tired.)

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