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Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - Lascaux, Montignac & Eyrignac Gardens

Gotta see Lascaux II if you've come all this way, so we head to Montignac for tickets.  The line is small today, so we get an English tour that starts in only 40 minutes.
The line to buy tickets in Montignac
The lack of line at noon - everyone's at lunch

That gives us some time to look around the old part of Montignac just across the road from the ticket office.  The Vézère river location gave this town a prosperous medieval period with houses of business men clustered not far from the river.
15th century houses in Montignac

old door in Montignac
Lascaux is busy today with busloads of school groups.  And another sign of the beginning of tourist season: the bookstore doesn't close for lunch.  Our tour leader is the same man as last time and we learn new details that we missed last time. And each time you see the drawings, you see something new.

We lunch at a small park in Montignac next to a spring before heading to the Jardins et Chateau d'Eyrignac.  This privately owned chateau can't be visited, but it's gardens cover acres of area around the chateau with French and Italian inspired gardens.

entrance to the chateau

5 full-time gardeners are working hard to trim the new growth on the thousands of sculpted boxwoods.

Japanese influence was popular "in the day" and the shaded pagoda and white gardens show off this feature.  The white garden is garlanded in white roses which also fill the spaces inside the boxwoods that line both sides of the four paths that lead to a central fountain where frogs spout arches of water into the pool.  I get to spend a half hour doing needlework in a sunny spot in one of the red-laquered arbors.  So peaceful and calming. I could spend a lot of time here.

Karen,,Nancy & Lynn at the pagoda

the white garden

frog pond in the white garden

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