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Saturday, May 2, 2015 - Beynac, Marqueyssac with Judy, Sarlat at night

It's still really grey and somewhat rainy, but today is Judy's last day (How can 2 weeks be over already?) so we really have to go to Beynac and Marqueyssac. And tonight we pick up Pat and Chuck in Sarlat, so it's a perfect opportunity to eat in Sarlat and then see the old town by gas-lit street lights.

First we had to run some errands - Judy has a lethal pair of stretcher bars that she's afraid they won't allow on the plane, so with Paul and Jeri's help, she's wrapped them up to mail to herself. Note to self: only buy stuff that will fit in my suitcase.  Poor Judy has had to spend way too much time solving this problem.  But the painting is really cool and will look good in her house.  And we do some grocery shopping to get food in for the next couple of busy days.

I dropped Judy and Dave at the top by the castle and then went to the lower town to do needlework (and have a glass of wine) while I waited for them to go through the castle and then walk down the hill.
Judy at the top of Beynac

After they pick me up, we walk one of the old streets that we've been told is an old Roman road. A steep walk up the cliff side and then a gradual slope down the other side till we end up at the old port. The wisteria may be done, but iris and roses decorate the stone houses we pass. The photos don't do justice to how pretty they are.
Beynac lower village

Beynac lower village

Beynac lower village

Beynac lower village

Lynn & Judy Beynac

On to Marqueyssac. We look at the boxwood designs together
Marqueyssac boxwoods

Marqueyssac sculpted boxwoods

Marqueyssac - view toward Castelnaud

and then Dave and Judy head out to the end of the gardens and hike back along the belvedere path where the views of the Dordogne and Castelnaud are spectacular.

As it's too chilly to wait for them on the terrace, I wait for them in the little tea room attached to the castle having seated myself with a view of Beynac. There might have been another glass of wine at my table.
OK, Clark, how's this for a food photo - Marqueyssac with Beynac in the background

Judy and Dave are a bit dampish when they get back so we split a pichet (little pitcher) of wine (50 cl) of rosé before heading into Sarlat.
Dave & Judy and the pichet of rosé

The Michelin green guide mentions a restaurant called Le Rapière on the square outside the cathedral. They have omelets and regional specialties like duck (yum) and cassoulet. We're lucky to get a table without reservations. We're ushered upstairs into an old wood-beamed room with views of the cathedral out the front windows. The place is warm and charming.
Our restaurant - LeRapière

Our table in the resaturant, Le Rapière

Oh and the most bizarre thing - 4 Americans were seated behind us and while I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, I kept hearing words like Metcalf's and Stoughton Road. When I heard the word Madison, I just had to go to their table to ask if they were from Madison. They were. A brief chat and quick introductions and I left my name, email, and phone number so we can hopefully connect back in Madison. Small world.

We choose 3-course menus at 26,5 Euros. Tasty food well-presented with impeccable service. Dave has to dash out to pick up Pat and Chuck, so Judy and I finish and pay.
This is for you Clark - our dinner wine

duck and sarlardaise potatoes

We go next door to a creperie and sit outside over a cup of coffee and a "limonade" (like 7-up) in encroaching dusk waiting for Dave to return with Pat and Chuck .

Just like we planned it, Pat and Chuck show up with Dave and they need food. So the creperie's menu is perfect for them.
eating at the creperie

After they eat, we take a stroll around town by the light of the gas street lanterns. Very charming, and while humid, we remain dry.
Sarlat by lamplight

Former Sarlat parish church, Place de la Liberté

Pat in Sarlat by lamplight

Can't complain about how this day turned out.

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