Friday, May 15, 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015 - Castelnaud & Sarlat in the evening

Today was a catch up day. Ron and Chris drove themselves back to Bergerac to fly home. So we had time for a bacon and eggs brunch and a slow start to the day. Now bacon just isn't a French thing, so finding something to pass for American bacon is a bit of a problem. Dave likes the thick slices of poitrine fumé that have a bit of bone and a bit of a rind. I've also found small slices of thin cut American style bacon which is very salty but also very lean. Of course we have croissants.

Christie, Pat and Chuck head off with tour-guide Dave to visit Castelnaud. As usual, they see things we haven't seen before.
What a view - Christie, Chuck & Pat at Castelnaud

We hope he was a re-enactor, otherwise he's pretty spooky.

While I don't think this trebuchet could sling a rock as far as Beynac Castle in the background, it's a cool thought.

Sir Christie is officially a knight of Castelnaud.

Christie joins the command of  Mistress Evelyn, who was knighted in early April.

After dinner, Christie, Chuck and Dave decide to visit Sarlat in the evening. It is a wonderful place to stroll around by the gas-lit streetlights. Of course it is dinner and like all French towns, the cafés spill into the streets, full of folks settling in for an evening meal.
Restaurants spill over into the streets and alleys of Sarlat

Christie & Chuck in the Sarlat evening. Note the new "pin" on the wall on the right. It has pine needles as it was placed there on May Day (May 1) . It will remain there all year, hopefully to be replaced next May Day by the workers for another honoring their boss.

Christie at the goose market square.

Sunset in Sarlat. 

Since Christie leaves tomorrow, the wanderers are home early so they can gather their stuff in preparation for tomorrow's trip to Bordeaux.

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