Thursday, May 21, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015 - Castelnaud & Marqueyssac with a new roof

Staying closer to home today and it's going to be in the upper 70s and clear, so places with a view are a must.

But first we have to get some groceries. We've discovered that LeClerq in Sarlat is like a Walmart, so we decide to try there.  While Karen, Nancy and I get the required groceries, Dave and Dennis get wine. Let's just say that Dave and Dennis were very successful.
The wine selection (15 bottles)

That would be Castelnaud & Marqueyssac for the 4 of them while I play a supporting role doing needlework in beautiful settings.

At Castelnaud, I find a brasserie with a view.  Ice cream, wine and needlework make for an enjoyable couple of hours and an opportunity to people watch as well. It's quiet today at the castle, but by no means empty of tourists.

My brasserie

My snacks (Miss Caramel - made with salted caramel ice cream)

my view from the brasserie

Just to prove they were at Castelnaud, here's the photo:
Dennis, Karen, Nancy, Dave in front of Castelnaud

At Marqueyssac, I park myself near the chapel on the belvedere where I have a lovely conversation with a French couple from Les Eyzies who have brought out of town guests to Marqueyssac for a late afternoon walk.
My needlework location on the belvedere

my view from my seat along the belvedere

my view from the belvedere

my view from the belvedere

groves of walnut trees across the river

St. Julien viewed from the belvedere

The scaffolding is gone from around the chateau now and you can see the beautiful new lauze roof. We're so used to seeing the black stones of old roofs that the new sandstone color is surprising.
the new roof project - new tiles on the left, old on the right

There's still some evening out of the last stones to blend with the old stones

The scaffolding is almost gone from the front of the chateau

Also, the boxwoods are undergoing their spring haircuts. I chatted with one man who was trimming along the entry path. He told me that in the spring, they hire a company to help with the trimming, adding an additional 5 men to help the staff of 5 do the hand trimming of all the boxwoods. He told me it took 9 or 10 days to do the spring trim.  After that, the regular crew manages the maintenance through the growing season.

worker trimming a boxwood - everything is trimmed by hand to avoid bruising and browning the boxwoods

Mostly trimmed boxwoods

Trimmed boxwoods

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