Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015 - St Cyprien Market, Lunch at Home & Domme in the afternoon

If it's Sunday, it's St. Cyprien Market. You can see from our lunch that cherries and flat peaches are in season now.  Melons continue to be sweet and juicy and of course, there are still strawberries from just south of here.  After stuffing all the good fruits and veggies into the "frigo" we have lunch in the garden .

In the afternoon, Dave, Dennis, Karen and Nancy went to Domme to do the walking tour while I stayed home in the garden doing needlework on a lovely day.

What's new to report about Domme?

The gate with the Templars prison with the two towers was a traffic jam today.  Domme is crawling with weekend visitors.

And there's only one tour per day for the tour of the Templars prison - at 2 pm, and they missed it.

And there's apparently something political going on - there are signs on the mayor's office and the Templars gate both which seem to suggest that there's controversy about the closing of a local school.

And I had asked Dave to buy a copy of Jacou le Croquant, the novel by Eugene le Roy, whose personnage we keep encountering in all these French towns. So he went to this fantastic little bookstore in Domme which is full of all kinds of books in all kinds of languages. But alas, no Jacou le Croquant, the personification of the Perigordian spirit. (It's about a peasant uprising against the nobility.)  However, there's a free download available at Amazon, so I can read it on my Kindle.

Like every town in France, there is a war memorial for the first and second world wars. Typically, the list of names for WWI is a lot longer than for WWII, making us wonder how there were enough children to send off to WWII. 3 sides of this memorial list the deaths from WWI. Of course, WWI was generally a trench warfare situation while WWII was a much more mechanical war. And of course the French capitulated in WWII, saving many lives. This memorial lists WWII deaths by deportation, combat and gunned down (presumably by Nazi death squads).

Duck tonight. Yum.

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