Saturday, April 23, 2011

Around Town

Christie has the cold Katie had, so she's not feeling up to snuff today. She and Dave decide to bicycle to Corneilhan, the next town over. They plot their route and take off on the bikes provided by les Hirondelles (that's the name of the house where we are staying. It's pretty usual to name buildings here, especially vacation homes. Hirondelles means swallows, which is apt as there are many swallows in the area.)

The weather is turning. There's more cloud cover and it's cooler and less windy. Rain is predicted. But I'm able to spend several hours on the terrasse stitching. There's a hazy sun to warm the terrasse and it's somewhat sheltered from the breezes. Dave and Christie are back after only a couple hours. They have toured both Corneilhan to our south and Murveil-les-Béziers to our north. (The towns here are only a few kilometers apart. You can see the churches of each of these from Thézan.



We spend the remaining couple hours of the afternoon lounging on the terrasse drinking wine and talking with Tony and Marian as they come through. At one point we get Tony to join us for a glass of wine and he tells us stories of places to find good wines and stories about their adventures as hosts of a bed and breakfast now turned vacation apartment rental. Marian comes by and reminds Tony that he has work to do.

I cook a dinner of pork roast with roasted potatoes and carrots and we work on organizing our photos and making DVD backups. Today feels more like we are living in France.

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