Friday, April 22, 2011

Toulouse again, first departures

Thursday the house feels quite empty by evening. Mike and Browen head off by train from Toulouse to Paris and Katie heads home to Denver. Dave and Christie leave with a carful for Toulouse at 6 AM in order to deposit Mike and Browen at the train station by 8 AM. Katie is next dropped off at the airport for the first leg of her trip home. Dave and Christie spend a few hours exploring Toulouse and head back by mid-afternoon as we have to return Christie's rental car by 6 PM to Béziers.

While they're in Toulouse, I sleep in, do the marketing (it's Thursday market day)and have several hours to do some needlework on the terrasse. Now this is vacation!

While in Toulouse, Dave and Christie do the Green Guide walking tour providing new photos of this charming city.

Tomorrow is Christie's last day in Thézan so there's some scheming about how to have an easy day locally. The weather is supposed to be changing - getting cooler with rain in the forecast for the next few days. So we make indoor and outdoor plans.

We rattle about the house, have aperos and dinner - left over pasta with chicken and Merguez sausage and salad. We make a pretty good dent in the bidon of Rosé vrac from Murviel's wine coop, but crash pretty early as we're all a bit sleep deprived from the excitement of the past couple weeks.

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