Saturday, April 2, 2011

The walk and a surprise concert

Well, we started our walk and made our way up as far as the church and then life happened. What we thought was people coming to a Saturday church service turned out to be choir members coming to present a free concert. We walked in quietly, sat in the back of the church (the insides of which we wanted to see anyway)and were treated to a 2 hour concert put on by the town choirs of 4 regional villages. Most of the music was a capella and really good. The sound was naturally amplified by the 12th century stones of the church.

Just as the concert was ready to start, a man and woman sat next to us and we slid to make enough room on the bench for them. Turns out they are British and John, the husband, began to give us some of the church history in between choir changings. At the end of the concert, he and Pat, his wife, took us around the church to look at some of the old statues and architecture. As we were leaving, Pat invited us for "aperos" at their house. Turns out that they bought a house in town 10 years ago and retired here 2 years ago. Over glasses of local wine, we discovered that we have lots in common and enjoyed each others' company. By the time we had finished aperos at Pat and John's it was 9 pm and we all needed dinner. They suggested we stop at the local resto for dinner. It's about half way between their house and ours. So off we went. We had a lovely dinner where we shared a tomato and mozzarella salad and a pizza. (What was I saying about pizza?) Good food, good company and for David, English all night. What fun!

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