Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday - a day of rest and recuperation

Today we need to get ready for the weekend. That means major shopping as the stores (except for the boulangerie) are closed tomorrow. It's also the day we get clean linens for the beds, so changing beds is in order. I also do a bit of cleaning and several loads of laundry. It's my day to stay home while the rest take an easy day at the beach at Cap d'Agde.

I really like being in the apartment - I open it all up to get the breezes flowing through. I spend some time catching up with the blog. I make fresh lemonade from lemons that spit juice when I roll then before cutting them open. Cut up fresh strawberries for dessert tonight. Sit on the terrace and read. It's a wonderful sunny, warm day and perfect for quiet hanging out.

The day from Katie's perspective (again):
We had a lazy morning, finally leaving for Cap d'Agde around noon. We arrive to a warm sunny mediterranean day. Cap d'Agde is a small beach town with 8 miles of beaches and 8 different ports. On our first perusal of the beach, Mike and Browen notice that one of the beach side restauraunts serve Moules Frites (mussels and fries) which they both badly want to try. Christie, dad, and I explore the beach and find a nice bench/rock to sit on and eat our picnic lunch. After lunch, we stroll the beach, being thoroughly entertained by the thousands of full seashells deposited on the beach. The amount of shells really illustrate how different the mediterranean is compared to the Atlantic ocean; it has smaller tides and less violent storms.

We stroll back towards the car after collecting POCKETS full of seashells and meet up with Mike and Browen. We head off for a stroll around the port, seeing boats from small sailboats to multi-million dollar yachts.

Also, the boardwalk is full of small shops. The "tourist" shops in France are not typical, many of them are small boutiques or local products instead of junk like what usually lines American boardwalks.

We buy a few paintings and stop for a drink in a boardwalk bar - beer and cidre (hard cider).

At this point, it's time to head home (with a stop at a store selling natural, local made soaps). For dinner we have Risotto and Steak - delicious! Of course that's after aperos. It's quite an adventure to light the charcoal fire, but worth the effort. Now it's off to an early bed so we can get a jump start on tomorrow, the gorges of the Tarn.

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