Friday, April 15, 2011

"Home" again

Left Wednesday to pick up Mike and Browen in Barcelona, Spain. Got back tonight (Friday night) around 7 PM and have a houseful now. Having the kids here to share some of what we are experiencing is a special bonus that makes France that much more fun. We were back in time for "apero's" and a late dinner, prepared by Christie. We ate the onion soup that we made before leaving - it was delicious - with French bread croutons and cheese baked in the oven. Then Christie made ratatouille and chicken. The vegetables here are so flavorful - imagine tomatoes that are actually red, ripe and juicy, like we get in the summer.

It will take some work to organize the pictures taken over the past 3 days, but here's the gist of what went on:

Wednesday: Travel south to Barcelona to pick up Mike and Browen in the evening. We stopped at the ruins of a Greek and Roman trading town called Empùries near the town of L'Escala. Right on the Mediterannean, these towns date from the 3rd century BC and were important trading centers for Greece, then Rome. As the people eventually moved the settlement, the extent of the ruins is quite large.

After leaving Empùries, we drove to Girona, a town about 45 miles north of Barcelona. Mike and Browen's flight arrives here, so we decide to eat dinner and explore the town a bit.

Thursday: We explore Barcelona and experience Spanish food. Randy's host sister, Ainara, (pronounced eye-in-r-a), meets us for our touring today.

Friday: We drive back to Thézan, stopping in Perpignan on the way home.

More to come. We've decided Saturday is a catch-up day. We have to do the laundry and grocery shopping. The beach has been mentioned.

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