Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cathars, chores and doors

Dave, Judy and Duane are off visiting Cathar castles, much to Dave's delight. He can never get too much of castles, intact or ruined are equally interesting to him. I'm having a day off - a few light chores and catching up on the blog. This being my last entry for the day, I should have time to do a bit of stitching and have some wine on the terrace before the explorers return for a simple dinner of steak and potatoes.

The day started off warm enough but the sky was really grey. Now at 4 PM, the sun is shining and the skies have a few puffy white clouds to break up the blue. It's quiet here as always. With front bedroom window and back doors opened to let in the fresh air, there are only occasionally sounds of vehicles passing on the street. Otherwise it's just the church bell on the half hour and hour and the chirping of birds.

I've mentioned before my fascination with the doors and windows of France. I'm not sure why, but their endless variety within a pretty standard shape and shuttering intrigue me. Yesterday, I made a more deliberate effort to snap photos of the doors of Cantobre. Let me know what you think. Should I post more or drop the subject for the blog? At any rate, here are my doors of Cantobre photos.

The dried acanthus on the door is to ward off evil spirits, a middle ages custom.

These are the doors to the romanesque church.

The word "L'escolo" is carved above the door. I believe it is the occitan word for school (the French word is "l'école")

The sign says "Private Property Do not Enter" ("Propriété Privée, Défense d'entrer")

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  1. Ooh I like the doors. I found them fascinating as well. Usually brightly painted and of all shapes and sizes!