Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marian to the rescue!

We did a bit of shopping this afternoon and while out, stopped at a pharmacy to buy an ankle brace. They were at first reluctant to sell me one, suggesting that I could do more damage and should really see a doctor first to see if a brace was the appropriate remedy for my sore ankle. I did a bit of insisting and they sold me an ankle brace which I've been wearing since and it is helping.

When we got home, Marian appeared at the door with more help in hand. She had read the blog (it constantly surprises me who reads this blog) and brought me ice packs to solve the icing problem. These gel packs are just the right size and shape to wrap around the ankle and they even have a little sleeve with velcro to keep them in place. I'm so glad Marian is keeping track of our escapades. More than once she has turned up with just the right help at the right time. Thanks Marian.

(Marian also reminded me that we do indeed have ice cube trays and I remember that I put them in the cupboard. Sorry, Clark, we could have had all the ice you wished for had I been on the ball.)

At any rate, I've now been able to ice my ankle and the difference is remarkable. I'm quite sure now that I have been walking on a mildly sprained ankle for a few days. Duh!

But it's not all bad. We've had to keep close to "home" the past couple of days which is allowing me time to enjoy the apartment. The wine label removal project continues with only minimal success, but we have photos at least. The recycle bin is nearly full as Dave makes frequent trips to the garage to add the latest bottles to the bin. Ah, well, it will make good stories for us as well as Marian and Tony.

Tomorrow is our last touring day with Monday planned for packing. Our goal is the driving tour of the Camargue - the marshy area east of here that forms the delta of the Rhone. Among other wildlife (like flamingos) there are supposed to be wild horses. Hoping to see some.

We've booked Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Beaune in the Burgundy area near Dijon as we start our drive toward Berlin. We plan to stay the 3rd night in Bamburg and then drive to Sandra's in Berlin on Friday. Can't wait to see her. That will be the cherry on top of this vacation dessert.

We stopped for a couple of photos on the way home. Corneilhan is the village next to us (Dave and Christie biked to it) that we pass every time we head, well, just about anywhere. The vines are growing large and setting grapes. And we finally have an adequate photo of the straw-colored weeds that are now dominating the roadsides and many fallow fields.

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