Friday, May 27, 2011

poppy pictures

We've tried on several occasions to take pictures of the poppy fields and even though the photos come out good, they can't really capture the expansiveness of this phenomenon. These flowers are actually quite delicate and quite ephemeral - they only last a day or two. Yet, the season for poppies has lasted over a month, with new flowers replacing those that have lost their leaves and new fields seeming to flower overnight. We and all our guests have been charmed by these lovely wildflowers that have a huge propensity to propagate everywhere and anywhere. Hope you enjoy the pictures. At times like these I wish we had the trained eye and camera skills of a professional photographer.

April 30, Thézan

May 2, kitchen table Thézan

May 6 Around Thézan

Duane as an impressionist painting

May 13 outside Béziers on our way to Carcassonne

May 19 Capestang

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