Friday, May 13, 2011

A Quick Post - More to Come

I realized last night that I haven't posted since Monday - I hadn't realized how busy we've been. Just a brief outline that I'll fill in later. We're all sitting around the table trying to figure out where we've been. "If it's Tuesday it must be Nîmes". And it was. Wednesday we saw the trompe-l'oeil at Capestang, bought more olives (are we nuts?), visited Minerve, did a driving tour near Minerve where we saw a dolmen (that's the pre-historic tomb with two vertical rocks and a table rock on top), and tasted wine at a château on the site of a Roman villa. (whew!) Thursday, we stopped in Pézénas and spent the afternoon in Montpelier before picking up Janis and Clark on schedule at the train station. (A long day for them and a quick tucking them into bed with a glass of wine once back to the apartment.)

For our first trip out on Friday we visited Carcassonne, ate cassoulet for lunch (yumm) and got home in time for tapas for dinner (unfortunately, not on the terrace due to the rain shower).

More to come, stay tuned... also have lots more doors to post from the cities we've been visiting. gotta find some time to write!


  1. I love cassoulet! Om nom nom!

  2. sooo jealous! Sounds like it's non-stop fun over there!