Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rest and Orientation Day

Judy and Duane were never given a chance to recover from jetlag in Barcelona and we have to do shopping and laundry, so Friday, May 6 has been designated "Catch Up Day". Everyone sleeps in, some longer than others. Dave does the usual boulangerie run, so we're prepared with croissants and bread for the day. Judy can't believe how much bread we eat here in France (neither can I), but it is so good and I think good for you (well minus the butter in the croissants). Baguettes are made with flour, baker's yeast, a bit of salt and water. No preservatives (hence the ability to use them for building materials on the second day). Obviously, they are not gluten-free which can be an issue for those intolerant of gluten. Well, anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Did I tell you how GOOD the bread tastes here?

With the grocery list made, we finally trek to the SuperU to stock up. Judy comes with to see what French stores look like. We need mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and some meats to get through Monday. We can hit the market on Tuesday and again on Thursday. We trek back with the groceries in time for lunch and figuring out what to do for the rest of the day.

Judy, Duane and Dave decide to take a walk around the area using the guidebook. They are instructed to photograph the progress of the grapevines along the way. They finally get underway around 3, with stops to be made in Murviel to refill the bidon and at the gas station to fill up while it is possible to pay with our credit card at the service window. They don't return till 7:30, by which time I've done the laundry and a bit of needlework.

Dave brings back some poppy buds picked in the fields along the walk. This time of year you can see red fields of poppies everywhere. But they are difficult to capture with a photo. We have been watching poppies open with amazement ever since Christie picked some on a walk while she was here. They look like nothing - green hairy buds on leafless hairy stems. But once put in water, they shed their green bud coverings and you can literally watch them unfurl within an hour from tight little buds to full blown poppy flowers opening to the sun. It's really amazing to watch. Also colorful for the table.

Dinner is Chris' recipe for chicken and it turns out delicious. We have aperos (appetizers) while waiting and I'm afraid Judy is a bit horrified at how much wine we drink and how many colors we have going for the same meal. But she doesn't say she doesn't like it!

After long deliberation, it is decided to head into the Causses tomorrow for a drive through the Dourbie gorges and a hike at a place called the Chaos de Monpelier-le-Vieux. The goal is to be on the road at 8 in order to be back by 7 for aperos and dinner. Can we do it? Or will we have to eat our lunches in the car?

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  1. Love the poppies! I knew I was onto something! Glad that they continue to decorate the table :-)